Administrative and Production Staff


Arturo Jacobus, President & CEO
Rebecca Renner, Executive Assistant


John McFall, Artistic Director
Sarah Hillmer, Rosemary Miles, Dale Shields, Ballet Mistresses

Finance & Administration

Pamela Whitacre, Chief Operating Officer
Bradley Renner, General Manager
Ashley Reid, Accounting Manager
Mary French, IT/Database Manager

Development & Fundraising

Steven Libman, Chief Advancement Officer
Sara O'Neal, Major Gifts Officer
Alyson Brock, Institutional Giving Officer
Megan DeWitt, Special Events Manager
Kathryn Wilhite, Individual Gifts Officer
Manda Wilhite, Campaign Associate
Anthony Gagliano, Corporate Sponsorship Manager
Hudson Frisby, Development Associate

Marketing & Public Relations

Tricia Ekholm, Director of Marketing
Sigele Winbush, Public Relations Manager
Kelly Pierce, Marketing Coordinator
Brian Wallenberg, Social Media Coordinator / Videographer
Julie Scofield, Graphic Designer
Myredith Gonzales, Group Sales Manager
Lauren Wilson, Marketing Assistant

Ticketing & Patron Services

Lindsay Smith, Associate Director of Ticketing & Patron Services
Dana Hylton Calabro, Patron Services Associate
Mallory Hazen, Patron Services Assistant


John Beaulieu, Technical Director
Ben Tilley, Head Electrician/Lighting Supervisor
Kelly Brown, Stage Manager


Tamara Cobus, Costume Director
Kevin Anderson, First Hand
Shane Wallace, Wardrobe Master
Susan Carter, Costume Shop Supervisor
Lindsey Knott, Stitcher
Ashleigh Dobrin, Stitcher

Centre For Dance Education

John McFall, Centre Director
Sharon Story, Dean
Kelly Cooper, Centre Admissions Director
Nicole Kedaroe, Centre Programs Manager
Diane Sales, Community Partnerships Manager
Kate Gaul, Buckhead Centre Principal
Heather Conley, Powers Ferry Centre Principal
Darcy Farrington-Ryan, Reception Supervisor & Studio Rentals Manager

Centre Education Associates
Alison Caspersen, Hannah Evans, Taylor Ferguson, Giselle Gilmore, Caitlyn McCoyd, Kaitlin Mosher, Aggie Schmank

Centre for Dance Nutrition
Emily Cook Harrison, MS, RD, LD, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

Atlanta Ballet Boutique
Leslie Campbell Judge, General Manager
Jan Stevenson, Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre Boutique Manager
Aggie Schmank, Buckhead Boutique Manager

Principal Faculty
Armando Luna

Rebecca Ahmadi, Jabari Ashe, Susan Beebe, Shirley Bennett, Rebekah Bennett-Evans, Sharon Caplan, Harmony Clair, Heather Conley, Emily Cook Harrison, Esther Darden, Lonnie Davis, Rebekah Diaddigo, Samba Diallo, Mary Linn Durbin, Hanna Evans, Taylor Ferguson, Vershion Funderburk, Katherine Gant, Kate Gaul, Vanessa Gibson, Giselle Gilmore, Martha Goodman, Lane Grosser, Ray Hall, Alera Harrison, Sarah Hillmer, Sean Hilton, Nathan Hites, Maria Hooper, Jennifer Inman, Michelle Jericevich, Ashley Johnson, Jelani Jones, Nicole Kedaroe, Chelsea Manning, Paige Fulleton-McFall, Margaret McPherson, Brandon Nguyen, Terese Reynolds-Thomas, Jaime Robtison, Jey Sadeckas, Diane Sales, Roscoe Sales, Aggie Schmank, Ashley Smith, Carol Szkutek, Jared Tan, Abigail Tan-Gamino, Rachel Van Buskirk, Tracy Vogt, Alexis Whitehead-Polk, Sarah Noelle Williamson



Tara Briner, Alan Brown, Kyla Cummings, Elizabeth Grimes, Ronnie Ray, Rick Reynolds, Yulia Rice, Gretel Rodriguez