• December 11-27, 2015

    The Fox Theatre

Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker — December 11-27, 2015

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Choreographed by John McFall
Music by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Live with Atlanta Ballet Orchestra led by principal guest conductor Gary Sheldon

Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker is the hallmark of the Atlanta holiday season, and this year marks its 20th anniversary at the Fox Theatre. Celebrate with us this December as we follow our favorite characters into a magical world where anything is possible!


Singing in Act I's "Snow Scene" by  Georgia Youth Choir


Run time is approximately 2 hours, including a 25-minute intermission.


"Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker Teaser 2015 (Atlanta Ballet);" video by Brian Wallenberg.
Featured photos: Peng Yu Chen as Female Meissen Doll, Tara Lee as Female Arabian, Alessa Rogers as Marya, Claire Stallman as Snow Queen, Rachel Van Buskirk as Dew Drop Fairy, Alexandre Barros as Nutcracker, Christian Clark as Cavalier, Jonah Hooper as Snow King and Male Arabian, Jared Tan as Male Meissen Doll, and Drew Thomas as Drosselmeyer. Photos by Charlie McCullers.

The Fox Theatre

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The Fox Theatre

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Atlanta Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” at The Fox

A magic handkerchief, dancing life-sized dolls, a hand-carved gift that comes to life, and an enchanted trip through the snow to the Land of the Sweets…what more could a young girl want on Christmas Eve?  And what more could Atlanta ask for?  Maybe a theatre that evokes an evening in Morocco, with a star-studded sky and clouds borne by invisible winds? A snow storm inside the theatre?  An orchestra made up of some of the region’s best musicians? Christmas melodies played on an enormous pipe organ? Good acting and even better dancing?  The Atlanta Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” offered these and more on opening night at the Fabulous Fox.

Review: The magic of “Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker” remains its ability to spin an enchanting tale

Individual performances were spectacularly moving; it seems Atlanta Ballet’s core company members continue to grow in artistry. As Marya, Nash made a major impression in her first starring role as a member of the lead cast (there are four different casts in this year’s production). Nash rose to the moment, showcasing the spunk and ebullience needed to carry Act I. From the moment she galumphed like a tomboy into her new party dress to the instant she stabbed the Rat King and toppled him with her index finger, she was resolute and radiant — equal parts intelligence and humor.

Preview: Peng-Yu Chen overcomes injury and loss to return as Atlanta Ballet’s Snow Queen

For Chen, this year’s Nutcracker holds special significance — exactly two years ago she was injured mid-performance as she danced the marquee role of the Snow Queen. She hobbled off stage, suddenly faced with the harrowing prospect she might never return.

Ballerina steps up as holiday classic sets higher bar

When Atlanta Ballet’s “Nutcracker” makes its annual run at the Fox Theatre beginning Dec. 11, Felder will debut in two featured roles: the child heroine, Marya, and the sultry Arabian dancer.

It’s a step up for Felder within the ballet’s tiered system of roles that challenge dancers at successive levels. Like Felder, dancers across the metro area are rising from angels to party children, soldiers to flowers, and Dew Drops to Sugar Plum Fairies.

Review: For “Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker,” the beauty of the dance makes the gift

For the entire company, praise is undoubtedly deserved. Atlanta Ballet is knee deep in exceptional talent. And judging by the technical prowess of even the youngest cast member, the Centre for Dance Education is clearly doing its job.

Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker soars at the Fox in Atlanta

Overall, the Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker is quintessentially seasonal, wonderfully produced and is the perfect holiday outing for your family.

Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker Returns to the Fabulous Fox Theatre for its 54th Season

Whether you are 10, 30, or 60, the whimsy and fantasy of the Atlanta Ballet’s The Nutcracker appeals to the child in all of us. If you haven’t already, grab a friend or your family and go see this show before it leaves the Fox Theater on December 29.

Dance Review: Atlanta Ballet’s ‘The Nutcracker’

I must tell you I was quite transported:  I had a fifth row center seat (heaven); the proximity to all that magic, fantasy, music, and superb dancing becomes hypnotic, almost an out-of-body experience.  You want to get in touch with your inner child?  This is the place.  It matters not if you’ve seen it once, 50 times, or never.  You think you’re not a dance fan?  Go and surprise yourself.  This may sound corny, but I’m very grateful to live in a city that offers such glorious entertainment.

Review: Exquisite dancing is real magic in sumptuously successful “Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker”

No small feat, but with “Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker,” Atlanta Ballet, in its 53rd annual staging of the Tchaikovsky classic, has found its greatness. The performance is not without flaw, but missteps are diluted by the general merriment, and at times they feel almost endearing. Like a house full of relatives visiting for Christmas, the piece is wonderfully exuberant, if occasionally overwhelming. With a host of characters — some cute, some intriguing, some just strange — the whole thing is so much fun that you quickly forgive the frenzy and join in the festivities.

Preview: A new bag of magical tricks for this year's "Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker" at the Fox

McFall has entirely reimagined Act I but is hesitant to give away too much — he wants the new dances and the illusions to be a surprise. He alludes to flying handkerchiefs, dolls that magically appear from thin air, and a dramatic transformation of the boy Nutcracker into the grown Nutcracker. Integrating the illusions into the storyline was of paramount importance to both Thomas and McFall.

Review: Atlanta Ballet’s "Nutcracker" enchants audiences at breathless, 21st-century pace

In the midst of the holiday rush, it's comforting to step into the Fox Theatre for Atlanta Ballet's "Nutcracker" and to see the snow-laden evergreens and rounded minarets of the Petrov family's 19th-century Russian home. It's enchanting to peer through a lattice of winter branches into its picture window. There's a feeling of nostalgia, a moment to slow down, take a deep breath and prepare to be transported to the age of old-world classical story ballets - a time when people traveled by horse and carriage or sleigh, pocket watches ticked and ballets lasted four to five hours.

It’s not an illusion: Magician to dance key part in ‘Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker’

Illusionist Drew Thomas was so pumped about beginning rehearsals for “Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker” that he wore a Victorian magician’s costume all the way from Jamaica, where he had been staging his long-running show on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, to Atlanta earlier this month.

Behind the Scenes of The Nutcracker

It's considered a staple of the holidays. The Atlanta Ballet is currently presenting its 52nd annual "Nutcracker Ballet" on stage at the Fox Theatre. FOX 5's Deidre Dukes received a behind the scenes look on Thursday!

19 years of Nutcracker

My daughter and I have enjoyed the Nutcracker every year together for 19 years. Its our Christmas tradition. We have seen performances from all over the world from Alaska to Germany.Every performance is different. Atlanta ballet gave a wonderful show! We enjoyed this Russian version very much. The costumes were beautiful. We loved "Mother" and the Chinese dragons were outstanding. We attended the Friday matinee. We did have to ask to move and were graciously allowed to do so. Our original seats did not allow us to see past the side stage scenery. It did not rise as we thought it would and we could not see the full stage. We missed the tree rising! The small choir then stood up in front of everyone's view on that side and we could not see those dances.

very disappointing

My daugher and I have seen the Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker many times over the past 15 years. This was a real disappointment. The revised storyline is incomprehensible, and the second half of the show which is completely without context. The idea that the Nutcracker is a toy which comes to life is integral to the story. Yet it was completely omitted. I was glad I did not have to (try) to explain it to a young child. In addition to the changes in the story, the performance we saw was sparkless and tired. The choreography was lackluster, the dancers nearly all seemed to be going through the motions. I know that the umpteenth performance of the Nutcracker is probably not the highlight of the company's calendar, but at $90 a ticket, there is no excuse for such a production. Of course, the fact that the performance started with a video advertisement blast from sponser Belk should have been a warning that things are not as they once were. Really tacky, folks.

Christmas Eve Seconds

We have been making the Christmas Eve matinee a family tradition for 3 years, however it seems that we get second rate performances at this show. For 2013, Drosselmeyer was lackluster and couldn't manage the scarf nor cape. Clara was less than graceful and came off more like a tomboy. Her hair ribbons were very much in the way. In the first half, the essence of the story was cropped, so what was presented made no sense, and the dances had no lead-in flow of movement. Right after the curtain rose for the 'party', we heard a crash backstage. Throughout the show, it looked like half the cast was missing, and the curtain call reflected this, too. We kept seeing a flashlight throughout the show on stage right (two years ago we saw it stage left,as well as the person with a clipboard, and then that person kept getting in the way of the door at the clocktower.)We love the FOX and the various venues, but we may change our attendance for The Nutcracker.

Beautiful Performance of Muddled Storyline

Our family has been attending Nutcracker performances for years, and this one was beautiful as always. The dancing, costumes, and set are lovely, and having live orchestra music is always the best. However, the storyline has become completely muddled. Even though my children have seen it many times they were confused by what was happening, and I had a hard time explaining it myself. Much of the humor is gone from the battle with the rats and Rat King, and the transition to the second action is completely unclear. One other big minus: why are the ushers at the Fox not addressing the problem of people videoing the performance on their phones?!!! A woman a few rows in front of us repeatedly raised her phone to video scenes, and the light was hugely annoying and distracting. I saw this happen several times in other parts of the theater, and couldn't believe no one stopped this extremely tacky practice.

Storyline lost in this interpretation

Visually this production was dazzling. The addition of the choir and the very young dancers was enchanting. The costumes and snow falling into the audience was stunning. The story however was hard to follow. This was the first time my daughter has seen the Nutcracker live. She really didn't understand what was going on. She got the party part, the "troublemaker" boy part. But from there, she didn't quite understand what was happening. Suddenly there were mice, rats and fighting with the Nutcracker. The dancers were good, but there wasn't much "dancing" just a lot of posing on stage. The few pas de deux in the second half of the production were very good. But once again, it was a convoluted story line for those who have never seen the Nutcracker. Really didn't appreciate the commercial we the audience were forced to watch right before the performance, it lacked decorum. Sponsors should stay off the stage and in the program. Next year are we to expect the prima with a logo affix to her bum? We paid over $100.00 a ticket and had to endure a commercial? As to the venue, the Fox Theater; What an extraordinary theater, absolutely spectacular, a place where food and beverages shouldn't be brought into the theater during a performance like this. I am sure it would be fine during a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert, but the sound of crunching popcorn and the rolling of empty beverage bottles was distracting to me and I thought rather disrespectful to the performers. While I was magically being transported into the performance by the sugar plum fairy and the music I was rudely assaulted by a bevarage bottle rolling into my foot. Certainly people can go 2 hours without eating, there was so much trash left on the floor of the theater it looked like a football stadium rather than a theater. One of my favorite parts to this performance was the orchestra and the organ player ascending and descending from the orchestra pit was brilliant. He and the orchestra were wonderful and welcome additions to the whole experience.

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John McFall

John McFall studied dance with Ms. Tatiana Dokoudovska, who not only taught him the art of dance, but also inspired him to pursue an adventurous life in theater. At sixteen, he was contracted to dance at Starlight Theater, one of the showcase summer stock venues in the country. Following this, he performed with San Francisco Ballet for two decades, working with distinguished choreographers and touring the world. John became recognized as a choreographer himself and was commissioned to create premieres for a variety of companies, including San Francisco Ballet, Dance Theater of Harlem, and National Ballet of Canada. Mikhail Baryshnikov invited John to create two works for American Ballet Theater in which Mikhail also performed. In 1986, John received an invitation from Robert Barnett, artistic director of Atlanta Ballet, to premiere a work titled Watchers. Eight years later, John would become artistic director. John has continued to contribute to the Atlanta Ballet repertoire with family classics such as Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Swan Lake, Firebird, and Don Quixote. Notably, he has expanded the range of the repertoire with invitations to many of the world’s most provocative and imaginative choreographers. These individuals include Wayne McGregor, Jorma Elo, Ohad Naharin, David Bintley, Christopher Wheeldon, James Kudelka, and Twyla Tharp. John is committed to continue leading Atlanta Ballet into the future with innovative and extraordinary works. By commissioning brilliant choreographers and nurturing the development of new talent, he will ensure that for generations to come Atlanta Ballet will present evenings of dance that touch the soul and engage the imagination. Simply put, to INSPIRE.






Photo by Charlie McCullers.

Gary Sheldon

Principal Guest Conductor

Gary Sheldon was recently appointed principal guest conductor for Atlanta Ballet. In this, his fifth season with the Company, he returns to conduct Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker. His distinguished career has included positions with San Francisco Ballet, Ballet Met, and Miami City Ballet, where he currently serves as principal conductor. He has guest conducted for Alberta Ballet, Delta Festival Ballet, Hartford Ballet, New Orleans Ballet, and the Norwegian Ballet in Oslo. Maestro Sheldon recently won the American Prize in Orchestral Conducting for recordings with Lancaster Festival Orchestra at the Lancaster Festival in Ohio, where he is artistic director. He is also principal conductor at the Festival at Sandpoint in Idaho. He has held conducting positions with the New Orleans Symphony, Spoleto Festival, Syracuse Opera Theatre, and Marin Symphony in California, where he served as music director and, in 1996, won the Distinguished Citizen Award from the Marin Cultural Center and Museum. He is a native of Bay Shore, N.Y., and a graduate of the Juilliard School.








Photo courtesy of garysheldon.com.

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Thursday, December 17
Booze with Us: 6-7:15pm at Publik Draft House
Ballet with Us: 7:30pm at the Fox Theatre

For just $40, enjoy a pre-show party and drink* at Publik before heading next door to the Fox Theatre for the evening's performance of Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker. All attendees will also be entered to win a Spa Sydell gift certificate. To purchase, contact the Atlanta Ballet Box Office at patronservices@atlantaballet.com or 404.892.3303. Groups of 10+, call 404.892.5811 x 207 or email groupsales@atlantaballet.com.

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