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Review: Atlanta Ballet’s Wabi Sabi troupe returns for one splendid summer garden party

September 16, 2014
Andrew Alexander, ArtsATL

In what’s become an annual tradition since its founding in 2011, the Atlanta Ballet’s contemporary performance group Wabi Sabi gave a series of outdoor performances around Atlanta at the end of August. The performances, which included an array of familiar works and world premieres, showed the group to be in top form, especially in a new work by former Atlanta Ballet student Robert Dekkers.


Atlanta Ballet’s Wabi Sabi finds beauty in the natural world

September 4, 2014
Stephanie Minor, Atlanta Magazine

Wabi Sabi, Atlanta Ballet’s company-within-a-company, creates innovative performances inspired by the natural world, with all its surprises and flaws.


Robert Dekkers returns to ATL: Choreographer showcases his ‘riskiness’ with Wabi Sabi

August 26, 2014
Andrew Alexander, Creative Loafing

The changeling child who became a lost boy is returning to town a madman. That's the word around the Atlanta Ballet as San Francisco-based choreographer Robert Dekkers returns home to his native Atlanta to create work for the ballet's chamber performance group Wabi Sabi.


Preview: Atlanta Ballet’s Wabi Sabi returns for its annual outdoor showcase at botanical garden

August 19, 2014
Gillian Anne Renault, ArtsATL

If dancing in a garden sounds like a pastoral kind of thing, you don’t know choreographer Robert Dekkers. His new work, Yours Is Mine, which receives its Atlanta premiere at the High Museum August 22 and 29, explores not the frolics of nymphs and naiads but “the nebulous area between aggression, camaraderie and sexuality.” It’s one of eight works being presented in three outdoor venues this summer by Atlanta Ballet’s Wabi Sabi, Atlanta’s chamber-sized contemporary ballet company.


Do yourself a Huge Favor – Go to Atlanta Botanical Garden TONIGHT

August 22, 2013
Beth Clark, Atlanta.net

If visiting the Atlanta Botanical Garden is on your list of things to do this summer, allow me to virtually beg you to go tonight, Thursday Aug. 22. The reason: the Atlanta Botanical Garden is never quite so enchanting as when the aesthetics of gorgeously cultivated flowers and plants are paired with the emotional power of beautiful dance.

Review: Wabi Sabi braves chill to bring exquisite dance to Atlanta Botanical Garden

August 20, 2013
Andrew Alexander, ArtsATL

In all, Wabi Sabi created a beautiful evening at the Botanical Garden. There were a couple of performances where site lines were challenging, so I can’t comment on them, but overall I think there’s a growing understanding of how spectators interact with and watch dance in such an open and shifting environment.

Preview: Atlanta Ballet’s Wabi Sabi troupe returns to Atlanta Botanical for a garden party

August 13, 2013
Scott Freeman, ArtsATL

Kim’s piece is one of two that Welker is choreographing for Wabi Sabi’s summer season. The other is for his wife, Christine Winkler, who is making her return to dancing after taking last season off for the birth of their son, Lucas.

Ballet ventures beyond studio

August 5, 2013
Andrew Alexander, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Blooms, booze, and a bit of ballet. That's a winning formula, and for the past two summers, Atlantans have seen just how great it can be.

The year in review: Atlanta dance goes “Off the Edge” with innovation, new voices

December 28, 2012
Cynthia Bond Perry and Andrew Alexander and Kathleen Wessel, ArtsATL

If Lee left any loose ends in “Pavo,” her duet “Mind Myself,” presented by Wabi Sabi in June, offered a complete package that kept its audience riveted.

Atlanta Ballet's Wabi Sabi bids summer farewell at the Botanical Garden

September 19, 2012
Andrew Alexander, Creative Loafing

Summer's coming to an end so it's time to get outside and enjoy all the things we love about the season before they totally slip away. Long sunsets, cold cocktails, evenings in the garden, and great outdoor performances are all at the top of our list.

Atlanta Ballet's Wabi Sabi returns to familiar turf at Atlanta Botanical Garden

September 19, 2012
Scott Freeman, ArtsATL

Wabi Sabi, the off-season chamber group founded by veteran Atlanta Ballet dancer John Welker in 2011, returns to the familiar environs of the Atlanta Botantical Garden on Thursday evening, September 20.

Wabi Sabi and the Atlanta Botanical Garden make for some enchanted evening

June 25, 2012
Cynthia Bond Perry, ArtsATL

Atlanta Ballet dancers’ genuine warmth and down-to-earth honesty came to the fore in Thursday evening’s Wabi Sabi concert, performed at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Although ballet traditionally relies on artifice to transport audiences to a fantasy realm, the dancers made the transition from the proscenium stage to a natural outdoor setting with apparent ease.

Atlanta Ballet's Wabi Sabi to perform at the Botanical Garden

June 19, 2012
Andrew Alexander, Creative Loafing

The dancers of the Atlanta Ballet will take to the Botanical Garden this Thursday night for "Cocktails in the Garden." As visitors sip cocktails, the dancers of the Ballet's chamber performance group Wabi Sabi will premiere new works at various locations throughout the property.

The ArtsATL Q&A: John Welker on Atlanta Ballet, Wabi Sabi, and life after dance

June 18, 2012
Scott Freeman, ArtsATL

Now 36 and reaching the closing years of his dance career, Welker is looking to stay in the dance world by transitioning into the administrative side of things. Last year he founded Wabi Sabi, Atlanta Ballet’s offshoot outdoor troupe, which made a much-heralded debut at the Atlanta Botanical Garden in September. The troupe will return to the garden Thursday evening with six chamber-size pieces, including three choreographed by dancers from Atlanta Ballet.

Review: Atlanta Ballet joins site-specific trend with "Wabi Sabi" at Botanical Garden

September 10, 2011
Cynthia Bond Perry, ArtsATL

Offering a more intimate view of the Atlanta Ballet dancers, the evening showed how refined, exuberant and open-hearted they are.