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Atlanta Ballet Gennadi Nedvigin | Artistic Director

Atlanta Ballet Gennadi Nedvigin | Artistic Director


What is ABYP?
ABYP is a membership-based group that aims to engage a dynamic group of emerging arts patrons who wish to develop their appreciation for dance through performance, education, and social networking

How much is an ABYP membership?

What does the ABYP membership cover?
The annual membership fee covers 1 ticket to 2 select performances (2 tickets total) in the rear orchestra on opening night + access to exclusive ABYP events. Click here for a complete listing of member benefits.

Why is ABYP only open to people under the age 40?
There are many ways to get involved with Atlanta Ballet. ABYP is one a group that is geared towards a younger demographic. For information on other ways to become involved click here

What will I gain from being a member of ABYP?
By joining ABYP you will get to know a diverse group of peers who have an equal appreciation of the arts and are excited to learn more by participating in this network! 

If I’m an ABYP member, am I also considered a donor?
No, at this time no portion of the membership fee is considered a donation. However, it is a long term vision for ABYP. 

If I’m already a season subscriber, may I still join?
Yes! We would love to have you. If you fit into the ABYP demographic you have the option of adding an additional fee to your existing subscription package.

Can I join at any point during the season?
Yes, but remember a membership is associated to the calendar season you subscribed during. A membership will run from August 1 – July 31 annually. 

Can my spouse join as well? If so, is there a couples’ membership?
Yes, but at this time he or she would need to join as an individual member too. 

Will ABYP ever host family-friendly events?
We look forward to hosting family friendly events in the future, but at this time all ABYP exclusive events are 21 and up. The Atlanta Ballet Block Party and Healthy Living Day are family-friendly and open to the public.

What special events will ABYP be hosting next season?
Click here for the list of upcoming 16|17 ABYP member events.

How does ABYP benefit Atlanta Ballet?
ABYP benefits Atlanta Ballet by:

  • Increasing subscriptions & single ticket sales
  • Bolstering attendance for mixed rep shows
  • Cultivating stronger relationships with local companies
  • Increasing social media participation
  • Raising awareness of lesser known Atlanta Ballet offerings, such as Adult Open Division classes
  • Strengthening the Atlanta Ballet brand
  • Identifying and engaging a new patron pool for potential gifts