The Swan Princess On Demand

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Illustration by Jade Orlando.

The whole family will delight in this 2020 world premiere stage production of The Swan Princess, which features all of the mystery and magic of the beloved classic Swan Lake, but fits the treasured story into a one-hour format.

The Swan Princess was created by Bruce Wells, the choreographer who created the charming one-hour version of the popular Beauty & the Beast that audiences enjoyed for two seasons.

Our shortened family version may be designed for our youngest audience members, ages 12 and under, but this dazzling production can be enjoyed by the young and the young at heart! 

Order The Swan Princess on demand and you will receive program and casting information, as well as a few fun, performance-related activities for the kids, too!

Remi Nakano. Photo by Kim Kenney.


Act One

Long ago, in a far off land by a beautiful lake, there lived an evil magician named Count Von Rothbart. As night fell each evening he put a spell on the young princesses who wandered by the lake, turning them into swans.

Also living by the lake there was a young prince named Siegfried. It is his 21st birthday. As his friends celebrate, his mother, the Queen arrives with six princesses. The Queen suggests he pick one of the princesses to marry. Soon he finds himself attracted to the princess, Odette. As the party ends, all depart except Prince Siegfried and Princess Odette who share a moment before Prince Siegfried is summoned to go hunting with his court men.

Now, alone by the lake, Princess Odette reflects upon her meeting with Siegfried. Her presence is observed by the evil Von Rothbart who captures her and turns her into a swan.

Not long after, Prince Siegfried returns with his hunting party. Princess Odette, in swan form, arrives and begs him not to shoot. Enchanted, the prince is captivated by the Swan Princess. Next, the evil Von Rothbart appears and makes clear the rules of the curse. “Only a marriage contract made in the face of death can break the spell,” he declared.

Julia Crosby and Adrian Cruz Alvarez. Photo by Kim Kenney.

Act Two

Now, it is the evening of Prince Siegfried’s 21st birthday, and time for him to select which princess he will marry.

Trumpets announce the arrival of Von Rothbart, whose plan is to deceive Prince Siegfried. Von Rothbart will present Odette’s evil twin sister, Odile, as the Princess Odette, and trick him into believing she is his true love. Unknowingly, Siegfried pledges his love for Odile.

Immediately, but still too late, Odette flies into the scene revealing Odile’s true identity and confirming Siegfried has been deceived. Von Rothbart captures Odette and flees the scene leaving Siegfried devastated.

Odette, heartbroken at Siegfried’s apparent desertion, rushes into the arms of the swans. Siegfried pursues her and begs for her forgiveness.

Next, all of Prince Siegfried’s court men arrive and unite with the swans to battle against Von Rothbart. At the end of the battle as Von Rothbart weakens, Prince Siegfried recites Von Rothbart’s curse back to him, “only a marriage vow made in the face of death can break the spell.”

As Von Rothbart dies, Siegfried pledges his love to Odette and the curse is broken allowing Odette and the swans to transition back into their human form, where they are united with their princes for all eternity.

2019 | 2020 Season Atlanta Ballet 2 dancers. Photo by Kim Kenney.

The Swan Princess is performed by Atlanta Ballet 2, an ensemble representing the highest level of training provided by the Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education. These young individuals are dancers who have arrived at a defining point in their transitions to becoming professional dancers. Atlanta Ballet 2 is the pathway to becoming an Atlanta Ballet company member.

Six of our 19|20 Atlanta Ballet 2 dancers - Nadyne Bispo, Anastasia Cheplyansky, María José Esquivel, Carraig New, Spencer Wetherington and Sage Wilson - were promoted to the Company for the 20|21 Season!

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