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Atlanta Ballet Gennadi Nedvigin | Artistic Director

Atlanta Ballet Gennadi Nedvigin | Artistic Director

Beauty & the Beast Ballet Extras

Enjoy an afternoon of art with Atlanta Ballet's free virtual matinee!

No matter where you are in the world, you are guaranteed a front-row view of Atlanta Ballet's second online performance. This show premiered in 2018, but we're bringing it out of the archives for a short time.

The Story of Atlanta Ballet 2 presents Beauty & the Beast

Beauty & the Beast Ballet Extras

Photo by Kim Kenney.

Long ago, a handsome young Prince lived in a magnificent castle. Though he enjoyed a life of riches, he was rude and unkind to his subjects. One fateful day, an old beggar woman approached him. Because his heart was cold, the selfish Prince turned the poor woman away. To the Prince’s surprise, the woman then transformed into a beautiful enchantress. She put a curse on the Prince for his ugly behavior, turning him into an equally ugly beast. The Enchantress’ curse could only be broken by one thing – a true love’s kiss.

Now, in a nearby village, there is a beautiful young girl named Belle who lives with her father, a merchant in town. A vain and selfish huntsman named Gaston often visits this small village, always followed by adoring women. However, Gaston only has eyes for Belle. He attempts to woo Belle, but she has no interest in him. As Belle’s father prepares to leave the small village for the markets of the big city, Belle requests that he bring her back a rose, and they bid each other farewell.

Along the way, Belle’s father loses the path to the city but remembers his daughter’s wish for a rose. He stops to pluck a single rose from a garden just outside a weathered castle when the Prince, now the Beast, confronts him. Belle’s father begs for his life, pleading that he must return to his daughter. The Beast then negotiates the Merchant’s release in exchange for his daughter. “It must be your daughter’s decision,” demands the Beast, who gives the old man a chest of gold before sending him on his way.

The Merchant returns to the village. There he tells the story of his encounter with the Beast. Everyone is horrified except for Belle, who is determined to save her father. With a heavy heart, the Merchant returns to the rose garden with Belle.

They meet the Beast, and Belle agrees to stay in her father’s place. The Beast gives two bags of gold to the Merchant before he takes his leave. The Beast then commands his court to prepare for the evening’s ball. First, they must decide upon a beautiful gown for Belle. When the Beast returns, Belle hesitantly accepts a dance with him. Embarrassed by his appearance, the Beast calls for a performance for Belle and disappears.

Interrupting the performance, Gaston enters the garden with Belle’s father and tries to force Belle to leave with him. She refuses, and the Beast returns to protect her. Gaston and the Beast begin to fight. Gaston pulls out a pistol and shoots the Beast. Belle’s heart is so touched by the Beast’s bravery that she kisses him. With only a few breaths of life left in him, the curse is lifted and the Beast magically transforms back into the handsome Prince he had once been.

The couple dances together and lives happily ever after.

Beauty & the Beast Ballet Extras

Keith Reeves & Rie Matsuura. Photo by Kim Kenney.

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Beauty & the Beast Ballet Extras

Lucas Labrador and Taylor Ciampi. Photo by Kim Kenney.


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