Try Your Luck with Modern Choreographic Voices March 21-23

Great seats are still available for Modern Choreographic Voices, March 21-23 at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, so get yours today by clicking here! Don't miss what is sure to be one of the most talked about Atlanta productions this month!

ArtsATL named last year's program "best performance by an Atlanta-based company," and this year's production won't disappoint. MCV features 3 cutting-edge works in 1 show! Click here for more information and to access exclusive video clips and pictures of the production.

Company dancers Yoomi Kim and Miguel Angel Montoya reach new heights in rehearsals for Secus.
Photo by Bonnie Moret.

The Role of Nudity in Dance

The programs contains partial nudity, so viewer discretion is advised. Atlanta Ballet isn't the only dance company showing some skin though. The April 2014 issue of Dance Magazine features a discussion with five choreographers about the place of nudity in the dance art form with the cover tag, "Naked Onstage: 5 Choreographers Who Use Nudity + What It's Like to Bare It All."

You can pick up the latest issue of Dance Magazine at your local newsstand to access the full article.

Marie Chouinard: "It's simply part of the work. The body is our basis. It's our medium. The flesh brings you back to the body itself."

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui: "You don't have a lot of opportunities to compare yourself to other bodies, and you can recognize yourself and your scars in others. I admire people who use the naked body to make a statement about humanity."

Alexander Ekman: "I find nudity fascinating, and it's sad that it's so taboo, because it questions our whole existence."

Courtesy of Dance Magazine April 2014. Cover art and "Baring It All: What goes into a choreographer's decision to use nudity on stage?" (p.28-30).



I also loved everything about the first two pieces.  I thought “Secus” was awful.  The movements were just ugly and bore no relation to actual dance until the very end when the dancers scurried around on a darkened stage.  I saw no justification for the nudity, and I felt embarrassed for the three dancers who were subjected to it.  Most of the people sitting in front of me for the first two dances did not return for “Secus.”  In my opinion, they didn’t miss a thing.  You pushed the envelope too far with “Secus.”


Loved the first two pieces last Friday night.  The Seven Sonatas was richly beautifully choreographed and especially enhanced by the music, colored background, and gorgeous costumes   The authors was intriguing and so wonderfully moving - loved the screen work and storyline by the dancers.  I don’t think nudity should be a part of ballet.  In Secus, it was irrelevant and not worth the discomfort of the audience.  As someone who has often taken younger members of my family, I won’t subject them to it, so you would lose parts of your much needed patrons.  Also ballet is such an all encompassing art form that includes of course the dancers and movement, the music, background and scenery, and costumes that why cheapen it!  Look what happened Friday night at entrance of John Welker of the authors even with just short shorts someone catcalled which I’m sure wasn’t intended message that Tara meant for the character -  it was embarrassing!!  Please don’t cheapen or lower the standards of ballet, there is enough of that in our culture.  Elevate don’t lower art standards!!

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