A tree grows in the production shop

Our production shop is busy building a giant tree that will be featured in Gina Patterson's world premiere Quietly Walking, a part of Atlanta Ballet's Ignition. Quietly Walking is a piece that examines the relationship between the primeval earth and the rapid urbanization of our world. Choreographer, Gina Patterson muses: “As the trains bring us to and from the city, does the sound of the train on the track drown out the heartbeat of the earth, or can we hear the earth through the noise, saying, ‘I’m still here, I’m still here…? In the travels of the spirit, from one heart to another, can we hear each other’s heartbeat as we keep up with city life? We may be standing right next to each other, but do we truly feel the touch of a hand, see the beauty in one’s eyes, or hear the heartbeat of love, of life?” Under 25? Take advantage of $20 tickets to our Sunday evening performance of Ignition. Walk-up Only. For more information, call the Box Office 404.892.3303.