Mission, Vision & Values


Atlanta Ballet’s mission is to enrich our community by sharing the power and joy of dance -- inspiring our audiences with the highest caliber of artistic excellence on stage, empowering our students through superior dance education, and broadening the reach and impact of dance through active community engagement.


To be celebrated globally as one of the premier companies in the world of dance, recognized for our distinctive dancers, rich and diverse repertoire, respected stature in the Atlanta region, abiding commitment to diversity and inclusion at all levels of our organization, and notable impact on dance appreciation and education throughout the community.


Uncompromising Integrity in Pursuit of Our Mission
Our passion for dance is what drives us. The deep respect we hold for our artists and audiences, teachers and students, and the art of dance dictates that we hold ourselves, and those around us, to the highest standards in all that we do.

Placing the Patron at the Center of Our Universe
Our purpose is to enrich the lives of our patrons, inspire them, broaden their horizons, and lift them higher. Our patrons in turn inspire us to reach new levels of excellence. Without them, we could not exist.

Understanding and Embracing the Critical Intersection Between Artist and Patron
The synergy between our artists and our patrons completes a virtuous circle that encompasses the very core of our success. The performer and the teacher are incomplete without the audience and the student.

Diversity and Inclusion
We endeavor to create a space for everyone in our organization to feel respected, embraced, and celebrated for our differences, and to build a community that appreciates each individual for their contributions regardless of race, color, gender, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, religion, or sexual orientation.

Mutual Respect & Trust
We embrace the basic human need for dignity that resides in us all. We respect our co-workers, and we trust each other to act at all times in the best interest of our art, our organization, and our community.

Collaboration & Cooperation
We place a premium on the value of working together. We believe that more can be accomplished when the creative power of inclusion is unleashed on challenges and opportunities, both large and small.

Constructive Disagreement
All of the other values we hold to be true will ultimately ring hollow without an environment that encourages individuals to respectfully challenge ideas from wherever they may emanate. Silence is neither a friend of invention, nor is it a path to progress and excellence.

Having Fun
We have chosen this work because we love it. We can have a sense of humor in the most stressful situations and we can enjoy the most daunting challenges, because we thrive on finding their solutions.