AJC Preview of Home in 7

Check out the AJC's preview of Home in 7 - one of three world premieres to be performed in Atlanta Ballet's Ignition. Choreographer Amy Seiwert, Composer/Violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR), and Spoken Word Artist Marc Bamuthi Joseph shared their thoughts about the creative process behind Home in 7.

Joseph's seven poems —or chapters — mine Atlanta’s history and culture – from the Atlanta Braves to Southern belles — along with pop culture references such as Harry Potter and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” in the mix... [more]

"[Choreographer Amy Seiwert] said the toughest challenge was Joseph’s poem, “Atlanta Child,” which deals with the 1979-81 serial murders of 23 black children . Seiwert recalled the day she choreographed this section. She walked into the studio, terrified. She shared the history and Joseph’s poem with the dancers, then said: “I have no idea how I’m going to do this. So, let’s go. Let’s figure it out.” “It forced me to be courageous and not back down and not play anything safe [or] fall back on anything I’ve ever done before,” Seiwert said. Her aim was to “put something out there that hopefully resonates, but is respectful. Just hitting the right tone with that, I still don’t know if I did, but man, I do think that what we did was great...[more]” Photos by Charlie McCullers.