AJC Previews "Return to Fall" & Role of Artistic Director Emeritus Robert Barnett

Robert Barnett works with dancers Emily Carrico & Ivan Tarakanov. Photo by Kim Kenney.

Atlanta Ballet Artistic Director Robert Barnett is back in the studio setting George Balanchine's Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux on the Company, his first time working with the professional dancers in 21 years. It will be one of several works on the Return to Fall program that highlight the range of styles that these versatile artists can bring to the stage. 

"Tchaikovsky’s music plays as Jessica He and Anderson Souza move through dizzying turns and gravity-defying jumps. Barnett calls out directions, emphasizing each downbeat with full-bodied impetus, then rebounding on each upbeat as if airborne. 'It’s not calm, with a bunch of commas,' he later explained. 'There are exclamation points all through it.'"

- Cynthia Perry, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

You can see the Return to Fall program at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre for one weekend only - September 14-16, 2018.