ArtsATL Heads into the AB Studios Before Return to Fall

Ricardo Amarante with Atlanta Ballet dancer Emily Carrico. Photo by Kim Kenney.

ArtsATL joined Atlanta Ballet in its new, recently expanded studio as Brazilian choreographer Ricardo Amarante put the finishing touches on his brand-new commission title The Premiere, which will debut on the Return to Fall program at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre this weekend.

"In a case of life imitating art, Amarante’s piece focuses on a day in the life of dancers as they prepare for opening night. With swooping limbs and undulating spines, his sensual take on the neoclassical ballet style seemed to ground the dancers and loosen them up during the rehearsal. Two male dancers worked through a partnered duet as Amarante coached the shyness out of them, and several short solos showed dancers such as Jacob Bush pushing the limits of speed with a new kind of finesse. 'Before, you were just yourselves: dancers rehearsing,' Amarante told them, demonstrating an elegant gesture. 'But now: it’s a premiere, and you must show everything.'” - Candice Thompson, ArtsATL