ArtsATL Reviews Short Film Choreographed by Tara Lee & Featuring Atlanta Ballet Dancers

Click here to read ArtsATL's review of one of the latest projects from Atlanta Ballet Company dancer and choreographer, Tara Lee.

"The film also offers a window on Lee’s multidimensional talents and brings into focus the gifts of Kiara Felder, a first-year dancer with Atlanta Ballet. Viewing the film online, it’s possible to add music; several piano pieces by Chopin and Liszt, for instance, blended beautifully, sometimes magically, with Lee’s choreography. Her work is imaginative and historically grounded, while fresh, spontaneous and varied; with music, it holds up to one revelatory viewing after another."

Atlanta Ballet Company dancer Kiara Felder with "Blue Dancers." Photo by Michelle Greene.

Atlanta Ballet Company dancer, and choreographer for Janet: A Silent Ballet Film, Tara Lee. Photo by Charlie McCullers.