Atlanta Ballet 2 Welcomes New Dancers for the 2023|2024 Season

Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education Dean Sharon Story announced new 2023|2024 dancers for Atlanta Ballet 2, recruited from global stages, schools and competitions, virtual auditions and the acclaimed Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education, one of the largest dance schools in the nation.

“It’s a long process of cultivating and finding the types of dancers suited to the demands of performing on our stage, and we are particularly pleased when dancers rise through the ranks from our Academy and our Decade 2 Dance initiative,” explained Story. "Artistic Director Gennadi Nedvigin and I have traveled far and wide for competitions and auditions and have cultivated talent here at the Centre to ensure our dancers reflect the diversity of our community.”

New Atlanta Ballet 2 Members

  • Claire Buchi
  • Camille Jackson
  • Isabella Kessler
  • Jacob Lainchbury
  • Ashley McKoy
  • Ícaro Queiros
  • Joaquin Ruiz
  • Rachel Zinman

Atlanta Ballet 2 is Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education’s highest level of training that provides new performance opportunities for the next generation of professional dancers and is the pathway to becoming an Atlanta Ballet Company member. The program was formed in the 2017|2018 Season and represents Atlanta Ballet’s continued commitment to promoting greater diversity and inclusion. There are currently eight Atlanta Ballet Company members who have been promoted from Atlanta Ballet 2.

The Centre for Dance Education has hosted and attended top competitions and auditions for the professional and training companies on a local, national, and international level. “In watching videos and meeting artists in cities around the nation and world, including those who have grown up in our program, we are looking for dancers who go beyond the fundamentals of strong classical technique, who demonstrate additional aptitude in a variety of dance styles and who have a dedicated, focused willing work ethic,” said Story. “Everyone auditioning in person or on video showcased their skills via both classical and contemporary variations. In a joint effort with Gennadi and his team, we were looking for all of that, plus dancers who demonstrated the potential to improve their technique and artistry to progress into the future company.”

Atlanta Ballet 2’s short family ballet Cinderella, choreographed by Bruce Wells, will take place from March 15-17, 2023.

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