Atlanta Ballet is Pleased to Announce Arturo Jacobus’ New Title and Contract Extension

Atlanta Ballet board chair Allen Nelson announced April 14, 2014 that executive director Arturo Jacobus will remain at the helm of the 85-year-old institution for at least another five years, as he has accepted an extension to his employment agreement.

Effective immediately, the new contract will ensure the continued leadership of the successful management team at the top of the nationally-recognized dance company, which, in addition to Jacobus, includes artistic director John McFall and Centre for Dance Education dean Sharon Story, who both recently renewed for three years as well.

As a team, McFall, who will celebrate his 20th anniversary with the Company this fall; Story, who celebrates 18 years; and Jacobus, who joined in December 2009, have achieved unprecedented success.

In addition to the extension, Jacobus’ title will change from executive director to president and CEO – a change that, according to Nelson, will more accurately reflect the Board's expectation that he is ultimately accountable for all administrative and financial aspects of Atlanta Ballet, including long-term strategies and strategic partnerships as well as the day-to-day operations and bottom-line performance.

It’s also a title and responsibility that Jacobus is familiar with. The veteran arts executive previously served as president and CEO of Pacific Northwest Ballet from 1984 through 1993 and later went on to be the executive director of San Francisco Ballet, where he built its endowment from $3.2 million to $35 million and helped transform the then-regional company into an internationally-renowned powerhouse.

Atlanta Ballet is now poised to follow the same trajectory.

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