News Reviews 20|20:Visionary and Highlights Twyla Tharp's The Princess & the Goblin

Click here to read the latest blog post, "Atlanta Ballet: Keeping it Fun," which shares some details on Atlanta Ballet's upcoming production of Twyla Tharp's The Princess & the Goblin and reviews the three works that made up the 20|20:Visionary program earlier this month.

"Up next for the ballet is Twyla Tharp’s 'The Princess and the Goblin,' a nontraditional, boundary-stretching work. This choreography is sly, hiding a transgressive story under the trappings of a classical narrative ballet, to the music of Franz Schubert. When the children of her town are kidnapped by goblins, the titular Princess Irene – no damsel in distress her ̵̶̶ must overcome the skepticism of the town's adults, her father included, and venture into danger to rescue the lost ones."

"Clearly John McFall is not afraid to use his last season as the Atlanta Ballet’s artistic director to explore choreographies that stretch the ballet envelope far beyond tutus and tights. This was evident again with the recent staging of '20|20 Visionary,' a ballet in three parts..."

Atlanta Ballet dancers perform Darrel Grand Moultrie's Boiling Point. Photo by Charlie McCullers.