CALL TO ACTION - Support Georgia House Bill 226

What is Georgia House Bill 226?

This bill would restore tax-exempt status for ticket sales for non-profit performing arts businesses in Georgia. The value of the tax exemption to Atlanta Ballet was nearly $400,000 a year before it expired in July 2020. Funds from this credit allowed Atlanta Ballet to invest in our robust education and community engagement programs, and present additional programming during our performance season. This tax exemption is even more important today as Atlanta Ballet and other non-profit arts organizations attempt to recover from the devastating effects of the pandemic.

We Need Your Help.

Each year the creative arts business sector accounts for 200,000 jobs while contributing $37 billion to Georgia's economy.

We are not asking our state to cut a check, but rather to reinstate tax-exempt status for our ticket sales. Support of the arts is a bi-partisan issue, and an incredible team of Republicans and Democrats has sponsored this legislation. Passage of this bill would be huge for our state that ranks 49th nationally in arts funding. 

How Can You Help? 

Use your voice. That's all it takes. Send an email or make a call - whatever works for you! 

3 Things You Can Do Today:

1. Thank the members of the House Ways and Means Committee who support this legislation and its sponsors.  

Committee representatives need to hear from you—their constituents in favor of legislation that supports small business and businesses in the non-profit sector.

Shaw Blackmon (R) Chair of the Ways and Means Committee - (404) 656-5103 
Bonnie Rich (R) Ways and Means Committee Member, Bill Sponsor - (404) 656-5087
Ron Stephens (R) Ways and Means Committee Member, Bill Sponsor - (404) 656-5115
Debbie Buckner (D) Ways and Means Committee Member, Bill Sponsor - (404) 656-0116
Chuck Efstration (R) Dacula, GA, Bill Sponsor - (404) 656-5105
Gregg Kennard (R) Lawrenceville, GA, Bill Sponsor - (404) 656-0202
Spencer Frye (D) Athens, GA, Bill Sponsor - (404) 656-0265

2. Alert your representative(s) that HB226 is important. 

Share your favorite memory of seeing dance on stage for the first time or seeing your child's face light up at his or her first dance class. Remember, we need bi-partisan support, so the more Republicans and Democrats contacted the better. Also please remember to be kind to representatives on both sides of the aisle, as this is not a partisan issue, and we need the support of everyone.

3. Share this call to action with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, and ask them to contact their Representative today.

Your friends at Atlanta Ballet would be truly grateful for your support.