Don’t Miss Wabi Sabi at Atlanta Botanical Garden This Thursday, August 22!

Atlanta Ballet's Wabi Sabi returns to the Atlanta Botanical Garden for its final set of performances in the Garden this summer. Don't worry though, you will also have an opportunity to see them perform Sunday, September 8 at Atlanta Ballet's Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre during Healthy Living Day, our free day of dance, nutrition seminars, and more! Click here for a review of Wabi Sabi's performances at the Botanical Garden last week.

Wabi Sabi at Cocktails in the Garden
Where: Atlanta Botanical Garden
When: Thursday, August 22 starting at 6:30 pm

Make sure you stop by our table in the visitors' center at the Garden to get a printed copy of the performance schedule and map or click here for a downloadable program.

Performance Schedule: Thursday, August 22 at Atlanta Botanical Garden

1 …a different bird*
Choreography: John Welker
Music: Camille Saint-Saens; N.E.R.D; Ethyl and Mary Ellen Childs; and a street soundscape from Seoul, S. Korea
Performed by: Yoomi Kim
Location: Crape Myrtle Path to Great Lawn
Start time: 6:45 pm

2 Talk yourself down
Choreography: Gregory Dolbashian
Music: Felix, Jay Electronica & Aaron Martin
Performed by: Christian Clark & Miguel Angel Montoya
Location: Aquatic Plant Pond
Start time: 7:00 pm

3 Dark Embers
Choreography: Rachelle Scott
Music: Max Richter
Performed by: Jackie Nash & Rachel Van Buskirk
Location: Aquatic Plant Pond
Start time: 7:05 pm

4 Rumination
Choreography: Heath Gill
Music: Jocelyn Pook
Performed by: Kelsey Ebersold
Location: Aquatic Plant Pond
Start time: 7:15 pm

5 Intra Lobus Temporalis
Choreography: Michael Smith
Music: Animal Collective
Performed by: Miguel Angel Montoya, Brandon Nguyen, Kiara Felder, Kelly Prather, Pablo Sanchez
Location: Great Lawn Center
Start time: 7:35 pm

6 En route
Choreography: Tara Lee
Music: Erik Satie & Frederic Chopin
Performed by: Nadia Mara & Jonah Hooper
Location: Great Lawn Near Aquatic Pond
Start time: 7:50 pm

7 Sweet Sorrow
Choreography: Jennifer Archibald
Music: Zoe Keating
Performed by: Jackie Nash, Rachel Van Buskirk, Alexandre Barros, Miguel Angel Montoya
Location: Great Lawn
Start time: 8:00 pm

Wabi Sabi at Healthy Living Day
Where: Atlanta Ballet's Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre | 1695 Marietta Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
When: Sunday, September 8 | event is noon - 6pm (Wabi Sabi performance time is TBD)

Learn more about Atlanta Ballet's Wabi Sabi with the video below and by visiting our Wabi Sabi page by clicking here.

Brandon Nguyen. Photo by Jonah Hooper. Costume design by Tamara Cobus.
"Atlanta Ballet's Wabi Sabi at Atlanta Botanical Garden;" video by Brian Wallenberg. Cover image: Kiara Felder. Photo by Jonah Hooper. Costume design by Tamara Cobus.

*This will be the first time that ...a different bird will be performed at Atlanta Botanical Garden.