James Kudelka: From Vivaldi to Cash

The Canadian Master of Complexity, James Kudelka translates the iconic melodies of two musical giants - Antonio Vivaldi and Johnny Cash - into two individual productions in Atlanta Ballet's 11-12 season that explore the trials of life and passion. THE FOUR SEASONS Music by Antonio Vivaldi October 21-23, 2011 Whether you realize it or not, you've more than likely been listening to pieces of Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons for years. Featured in car commercials, wedding ceremonies, and blockbuster films, Vivaldi’s beloved concertos are a major part of our musical history and culture. Learn more here. [youtube=] MAN IN BLACK Music by Johnny Cash March 23-25, 2012 An homage to country music legend, Man in Black delivers imaginative choreography over some of Cash's beloved and iconic covers, including "Hurt," by Nine Inch Nails. Constructed from an ensemble of three men and one woman, all outfitted in cowboy boots and Cash's characteristic black clothing, "Man in Black keeps the dancers in constant motion. It’s devoid of frills yet as stark and moving as Cash’s voice itself.” Columbus Alive, 2010. [youtube=]
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