Intermediate/ Advanced Contemporary Class with Emily Christianson Tuesdays 8:15- 9:45 pm

Midtown location 1695 Marietta Blvd Atlanta GA 30318

In this class we will strive to create a finely-tuned, expressive body that is able to move through a variety of dynamic ranges with ease and efficiency. Beginning with a simple yet thorough floor warm-up to open the body, the class will progress to the vertical plane where we will experience the risks of weight-shifting, release, fall, and rebound alongside equally satisfying technical, neutral, and precise movements. Class will culminate in a wildly spacious, fully embodied phrase in which emphasis is placed on achieving movement clarity while cultivating one's unique individuality as a mover.

About Emily Christianson: Movement has been a central part of Emily’s life since she can remember. She has a minor in dance choreography and performance from the University of Tennessee-- Knoxville, but most of her training took place in New York City, where she studied postmodern and contemporary techniques and performed with Mary Seidman and Dancers, Mark Lamb Dance, and Noémie Lafrance, among many others. An Atlanta resident since 2006, Emily was a member of Gathering Wild Dance Company and gloATL, before focusing her career on making dances and working collaboratively with other artists. Emily premiered her first full-length dance production Shaken in September 2011. This Tuesday evening contemporary class will pave the way for an ongoing movement project with dancers from the community that is fueled by a common desire for exploring many movement possibilities while celebrating the ruggedness of the individual within a collective moving experience.