Own a Piece of Atlanta Ballet History!

In August, the Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre celebrated its seventh anniversary! So it is time for us to update some of the art hanging on our walls.
The funds raised by the sale of these images will be re-invested in new photography that will capture the beauty and artistry of Atlanta Ballet’s dancers.
Some background, beginning in summer 2007, photographer Charlie McCullers and Atlanta Ballet’s dancers began to document the demolition and build out of the Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre. Together, these artists created a beautiful body of work entitled “Steel Toes” that documented this momentous event in Atlanta Ballet’s history. Stretched canvas versions of these images have been hanging in the hallway of the Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre since we opened. Each canvas is a special moment in Atlanta Ballet’s history, which is why we selling only a portion of the collection.
There are seven 29” x 19” canvases available, each $500, and one large 85" by 56" available for $2500.
There is only ONE of each image. You are welcome to stop by the Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre to take a look.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the photos, please email with the number of the image.

5. John Welker, 29” x 19”, $500
7. Jonah Hooper, 29” x 19”, $500
8. Alessa Rogers & Jesse Tyler, 29” x 19”, $500
9. Kelsey Yip & Nathan Griswold, 19" x 29", $500
15. Alessa Rogers & Jesse Tyler, 29" x 19", $500
16. Christine Winkler, 85” x 56”, $2500