Press Alert: ArtsATL Reviews Twyla Tharp's The Princess & the Goblin

Click here to read the ArtsATL review of Atlanta Ballet's latest production, "Review: Atlanta Ballet touches its inner child in spellbinding fairy tale 'Twyla Tharp’s The Princess and the Goblin.'"

"John Welker’s King Papa, uppity and cold, provided a nice contrast to Benjamin Stone’s wonderfully naïve Curdie. In one scene, Curdie bravely fought the goblins and broke down from exhaustion — hair and clothes loosened from the effort — as he realized he was outnumbered. His face gathered in tight-lipped frustration, yet his turns and leaps remained precise and energetic. The contrast spoke volumes: here is a boy who refuses to give up. Rogers danced with the same childlike gusto and brashness, as if to laugh in the face of adults who think their problems are bigger." - Kathleen Wessel, ArtsATL

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John Welker. Photo by Charlie McCullers.