Press Alert: The AJC Previews Gennadi’s Choice

Photo by Hyosub Shin. Courtesy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Andrew Alexander went inside the studios with Artistic Director Gennadi Nedvigin as he prepares the dancers for Gennadi's Choice, the first program that he curated for the Company. Learn more about Gennadi's training and his work with Atlanta Ballet in this exclusive interview.

"The production the dancers are currently preparing for is a mixed program called 'Gennadi’s Choice,' and it will be the first chance for Atlanta audiences to get a good look at the artistic vision that Nedvigin has mapped out for the company and the direction he plans to take it in the coming decades.

'It’s a challenge for me to get myself into the studio with all the work that I have to deal with on a daily basis,' the soft-spoken Nedvigin says in a quiet conference room after rehearsal ends. 'When I get into the studio, it’s my fresh air. It’s where I feel at home again.'" - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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See Gennadi's Choice at the Cobb Energy Centre, March 17-19, 2017. The program features Paquita choreographed by Marius Petipa and staged by Gennadi Nedvigin, the world premiere of Denouement by Gemma Bond, and the North American premiere of Vespertine by Liam Scarlett. Tickets start at just $25!