Reflections on Alumni Day 2012

Lynda Courts, Atlanta Civic Ballet Alumna and Atlanta Ballet Board of Trustees member:
“It was great fun and the class was hysterical, as we all tried to remember what we were doing over 50 years ago.”

Megan Dewitt, Atlanta Ballet Development Associate and CDE Alumna:
"The class was so much fun for all ages. It had been a while since many of us were in the studio, so cranking our turnout and doing combinations on relevé was a challenge! Bobby and all the alumni in attendance completed a full class and had such a great time in the process. Caroline Cavallo even danced five months pregnant. Fast forward to the evening reception, alumni from pretty much every era attended. Attendees ranged in age from an 87 year old alumna who danced The Nutcracker when Dorothy (Moses Alexander, Founder of Atlanta Ballet) first started her school to a Pre-Pro student who just graduated from the program in May. Sharon (Story, Dean of Centre for Dance Education) shared her history with the company and thanked everyone who was in attendance. Then she introduced Arthur (Jacobus, Executive Director of Atlanta Ballet) who spoke about the importance of honoring our past as a part of our new strategic plan and how our history helped Atlanta Ballet become what it is today. Bobby and Caroline both spoke about their careers and connection back to Atlanta and how this will always be a special place to each of them. Afterwards, we had a great night catching up. We had about fifty alumni in attendance, and we plan on holding the event again next year."

Sharon Story, Dean of Centre for Dance Education: "At the ripe old age of 22, Bobby talked me out of quitting ballet and going to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Well, the rest is history! Thank you, Bobby, for all that you do for all of us! Your generous spirit is with us always and we look forward to passing on all the wonderful knowledge you endowed with us for so many years and that is still going strong!"

*We recognize that we may have missed some alumni from over the years, so please let us know if you are in contact with alumni who would like to be a part of the organization again. Please direct these individuals to contact Megan Dewitt at or by phone at 404.873.5811 x 208. Thank you in advance for your help.

Bobby Barnett with Alumni Day 2012 participants. Photo by Jim Fitts.

Bobby Barnett leading barre exercises during Alumni Day 2012. Photo by Jim Fitts.

Bobby Barnett and Alumni Day 2012 participants perform floor exercises. Photo by Sigele Winbush.