Reviews are in for The Best of Modern Choreographic Voices!

Creative Loafing says, "Atlanta Ballet kicks off spring and summer the right way." Click here to read the full review!

"There’s no need to feel intimidated if you’ve never seen a ballet performance, as these more modern pieces will take you on a journey through different styles and emotions, even without the basis of a familiar narrative. If your only memories of dance performances are your sister’s endless recitals or boring Nutcracker showcases, then programs like MCV and next month’s MAYhem provide a great way to re-introduce yourself to the art form from an adult, contemporary perspective."

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"Gina Patterson’s “Quietly Walking” is an arresting, cinematic vision from start to finish. While its themes are weighty topics like isolation in the modern world, separation from nature, and separation from fellow human beings, the imagery and emotions it evokes are tastefully understated. What overwhelms and captivates are the striking pairing of Max Richter’s haunting instrumental music and Patterson’s polyphonic choreography. Appropriately dark, meditative lighting enhances the atmosphere. Atlanta Ballet’s dancers were easily up to the challenges of each of the program’s pieces, but they particularly excelled in this work. It generated an almost immediate standing ovation."

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"The excitement in the theatre is palpable. Make sure you get to be a part of it."

Atlanta Ballet dancers Christine Winkler and Christian Clark perform Gina Patterson's Quietly Walking. Photo by Charlie McCullers.