See Atlanta Ballet’s Wabi Sabi One Last Time this Season!

It has been an exciting and memorable season for Wabi Sabi with a lot of firsts! This summer the troupe traveled for the first time out of state to perform at the Lancaster Music Festival, participated in its first residency at Sautee Nacoochee, lengthened its season, and presented 4 world premieres. You still have one last chance to see Wabi Sabi this year on Thursday, September 18th during Atlanta Botanical Garden's Cocktails in the Garden. Join us for a magical evening of performances set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Garden.

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Atlanta Ballet's Wabi Sabi at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
Thursday, September 18, 2014 starting at 7:25 pm

Me in Your Fall
Choreography: Bennyroyce Royon
Music: Dani Siciliano, “One String” & “Collaboration”
Performed by: Kelsey Ebersold & Jared Tan
Location: Great Lawn
Start time: 7:25pm

Lost Rite
Choreography: Heather Myers
Music: Bela Bartok, "Out of Doors"
Costume design: Tamara Cobus
Performed by: Kiara Felder, Yoomi Kim, Jackie Nash, Christian Clark, Heath Gill,
Brandon Nguyen
Location: Great Lawn
Start time: 7:30pm

Holding Ground
Choreography: Gretchen Alterowitz
Music: Max Reger, Prelude, Op. 131c & Aria, Op. 103a
Performed by: Alessa Rogers & Benjamin Stone
Location: Great Lawn
Start time: 7:45pm

Celebrating Matt Howard

Choreography: Ivan Pulinkala
Music: Sergei Rachmaninoff, “Vocalise” & F.M. Einheit, “Homeless”
Lighting design: Rebecca Makus
Costume design: Tamara Cobus
Performed by: Kelsey Ebersold, Alexandre Barros, Miguel Angel Montoya, Brandon Nguyen,
Jared Tan
Location: Great Lawn
Start time: 7:55pm

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Kelsey Ebersold & Alexandre Barros. Photo by Kim Kenney.

Yoomi Kim & Jared Tan. Photo by Kim Kenney.