Sharing the Wonders of Dance with School Children through Kids In Step

At the height of the holiday season, when the hustle and bustle seems almost unbearable and the cacophony has risen to unbelievable heights, a single hour can change the tone of how one perceives what the holidays are all about. There’s a certain magic to this time of year that a theater full of children watching Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker can unlock in folks feeling unmoved, unmotivated, Grinchy, and Scroogy.

The magic of Kids in Step isn’t entirely about Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker though. The true magic lies in the opportunity the program offers metro Atlanta youth to experience a live show and learn about what it takes to execute that production. The program features a little something for everyone: theatrics, classical ballet, humor, beauty, and even a crash course in backstage production magic. Whether the rats were twirling their tails, the Snow Queen and King were finishing an impressive combination, or Atlanta Ballet’s Technical Director John Beaulieu was demonstrating the way lighting can change the tone on stage, you could hear hushed, “wow’s” and “cool’s” throughout the house.

The sincerity of children’s awe of live productions is refreshing. Sitting in a theater auditorium full of children, taking a break from their school day to watch Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker on a chilly December morning, is a great reminder of how critical it is that we take the time to share the arts with the younger members of our community.

Atlanta Ballet is committed to embedding an appreciation of the arts in our entire community, including our community’s youth. That’s why we’re so proud of the success of Kids in Step during December. Over these three Kids In Steps performances of Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker and the Kids In Step performances of Snow White in February, we’ll share dance with approximately 20,000 metro Atlanta youth.

Kids In Step photos by Kim Kenney.