Thank You Fulton County Arts Council for Supporting the 2013-14 Season

Atlanta Ballet would like to thank the Fulton County Arts Council (FCAC) for its generous support of Atlanta Ballet’s 13|14 Season. The impact on our organization and the city of Atlanta is immeasurable. The FCAC is a cultural leader in Fulton County and the largest funder of the arts in the State of Georgia. The FCAC assists the Fulton County Commission in the development of public policy on public support for the arts industry, makes recommendations to Fulton County Commissioners on funding the arts and generally oversees the development and implementation of publicly assisted programs that address the diverse cultural needs of Fulton County’s citizenry. Through the work of five community arts centers, contracts for services art funding, and arts education programs, the FCAC strives to better the lives of County citizens.

“Atlanta Ballet and all of its patrons deeply appreciate the support of the Fulton County Arts Council,” says President and Chief Executive Officer Arturo Jacobus. “Board, artists, staff, subscribers, and donors alike, all understand the importance of government funding for the arts in our pluralistic society. Unlike most nations of the world, who depend either wholly or substantially on government support for their cultural enrichment, preservation and development, the United States has this wonderful quilt work of funding that includes individuals of all economic strata, foundations, small businesses, large corporations and government at all levels, and of course, earned income. The beauty of such a system is that there is an intense buy-in and sense of ownership from all of these sectors, coupled with a sense of responsibility for the continuing viability of our artistic and cultural institutions and the commensurate continuing cultural health and development of our society. Also, it serves to diversify the support so that we are not completely dependent on any one sector. Government is an integral part of this implied pact and often plays an important role in helping cultural institutions reach those who would not otherwise be served.”

We thank the Fulton County Arts Council and congratulate them on over 40 years of contributing to Atlanta’s cultural landscape.