Throw Back Thursday: A look back at John McFall’s early career as a dancer

In March of 1975, Carolyn See of Today’s Health Magazine began her interview with John McFall by watching him and his partner rehearse a scene for the San Francisco Ballet. See recorded what she saw and heard, including the beads of sweat, the fluid body movements, and the friendly banter between dancers. The article describes McFall’s childhood in Kansas City and his early exposure to dance where he described how he and his younger sister “blew it” on stage and were removed from ballet classes promptly.

Thankfully, McFall rediscovered his love of dance amidst his infatuation with the great American pastime: baseball. He soon traded in his cleats for dance slippers, and his curiosity grew into passion, which gracefully morphed into a career.

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John McFall. Photos courtesy of Today's Health Magazine (March 1975).

Article contributed by Gavriella Coffman