WABE Interviews Helen Pickett & Atlanta PlanIt Takes You into Camino Real Rehearsals

Click here for WABE 90.1 FM's interview with Helen Pickett about what inspired her to create the first-ever ballet adaptation of Tennessee Williams' Broadway play Camino Real.

"In her recent choreography at Atlanta Ballet and Scottish Ballet, she has incorporated text into the dances. Instead of strictly ballet, it's more “dance theater,” which will be the case with the 'Camino Real' premiere.

'Creativity breeds creativity,' Pickett says. 'All too often, we got these categories, and we put people in boxes. You're a dancer, you're an actor, you're a painter, you're a sculptor. And the point is that if you open a door just a crack and say, why don't you try this, more often than not, you are going to have some sort of success.'"

Watch the video from Atlanta PlanIt below for a second in-studio interview with Helen Pickett and look at rehearsals that explore some of the bigger themes of the work.

"PlanIt Preview: Atlanta Ballet's 'Camino Real;'" video by Atlanta PlanIt.