Atlanta Ballet Gennadi Nedvigin | Artistic Director

Atlanta Ballet Gennadi Nedvigin | Artistic Director



With the Atlanta Ballet Orchestra

Naomi-Jane Clark & John Welker. Photo by Charlie McCullers.

March 18-20, 2022 Giselle

  • Choreography after Marius Petipa, Jean Coralli & Jules Perrot
  • Music by Adolphe Adam
  • Conductor Tara Simoncic
  • With the Atlanta Ballet Orchestra
  • Lighting by Randall G. Chiarelli

Experience one of ballet’s grand romantic ghost stories—a tale of love, betrayal, madness & passion.

Two years after its originally-planned opening date, Atlanta Ballet dancers will at last have the chance to perform the achingly beautiful and tragic Giselle – an enrapturing masterwork that remains one of the most enduring romantic ballets of all time.

After a young peasant girl named Giselle is deceived by her true love, Albrecht, she falls into a fit of despair and dies of a broken heart. A woman scorned, she is destined to rise from the grave with the vengeful otherworldly beauties known as the Willis, entrapping men who unwittingly cross their paths. At once beguiling and maleficent, the Willis capture Albrecht and condemn him to dance until his death, but the power of Giselle’s enduring love protects him and ultimately sets them both free.

  • Venue
    Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

    The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre is the first major performing arts facility built in metro Atlanta in four decades.

    The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre is located in northwest Atlanta near the junction of I-75 and I-285, at the intersection of Cobb Galleria Parkway and Akers Mill Road. Click here for parking, dining, hotel, and additional venue information.

    Emergency Phone Number
    The 24-hour public safety number for the Cobb Energy Centre is 770.916.2911. Please leave your seat location with your babysitter or answering service so that the house manager may find you in case of an emergency.

    Special Needs
    The venue is ADA compliant. Designated seats in various locations are available for guests with disabilities and those needing special assistance. The venue is equipped with wheelchair accessible courtesy phones, elevators, plaza ramps, wheelchair accessible ticket windows, and wheelchair accessible drinking fountains.  For more information, please call 770.916.2800.

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  • Seating Chart

    Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

  • Video
  • Synopsis


    A Village in the Rhineland

    Giselle, a delicate young girl who is adored by her fellow villagers, lives with her watchful mother, Berthe. Count Albrecht is bored with his noble duties and obligations and, as a distraction, he disguises himself as a villager named Loys. Albrecht has noticed Giselle and is attracted to her youthful, innocent beauty. He enjoys the simplicity of being just another villager, and as each day passes Albrecht grows fonder of Giselle. In the meantime, Wilfred, Albrecht’s squire reminds the Count that he is betroth to the noblewoman, Bathilde. Albrecht refuses to be distracted by this commitment and determines he will resolve that situation later.

    Unaware of Albrecht’s noble birth yet enamoured with him, Giselle is at first overwhelmed by his zeal and persistence. He expresses to Giselle his eternal love and vows he will always be faithful to her. In her joy and enthusiasm she pauses, her frail heart interrupting her. Berthe pleads with Giselle to rest and calm her excitement, reminding her that her frail heart may fail.

    Hilarion, the village gamekeeper who is deeply in love with Giselle, discovers Albrecht’s disguise and is consumed with jealousy. He proceeds to reveal his rival’s true identity to the village. At first, Giselle refuses to believe Hilarion, but when Bathilde claims Albrecht as her fiancé, Giselle loses her mind. Overwhelmingly distraught and horrified, Giselle dies of a broken heart.



    Night in the Forest

    As midnight approaches, Hilarion keeps vigil by Giselle’s grave. This is the hour when the Wilis, the ghosts of young girls who were jilted and died before their wedding days, materialize. They exact revenge upon men they encounter in the night by dancing them to their deaths. Hilarion’s destiny with the Wilis is realized as he is overcome with exhaustion. He succumbs to his fate as he is thrown into the lake.

    Later, Count Albrecht visits Giselle’s grave, laden with feelings of guilt and remorse. He sees a vision of Giselle and follows her deeper into the forest. Myrtha, the Queen of the Wilis, discovers them together, and orders the Wilis to enact the same revenge on Albrecht as they did on Hilarion. Giselle tries to protect Albrecht and implores Myrtha to reconsider his fate. Myrtha is firm and orders the Wilis to pursue Albrecht in the dance of death. As the morning bells chime announcing the arrival of dawn, the Wilis vanish into their graves. As Giselle disappears, Albrecht recognizes her true love and is forever touched with the memory of his beloved – the delicate and beautiful village girl.

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