Atlanta Ballet Gennadi Nedvigin | Artistic Director

Atlanta Ballet Gennadi Nedvigin | Artistic Director

Production Manager

Atlanta Ballet seeks experienced individual to manage its production department. The ideal candidate will be organized, pay close attention to details, be able to keep up with multiple on-going projects, a good communicator, and demonstrate strong initiative.

Exact duties will be assigned based on individual strengths and interest but will include the following:

  • Direct supervision of production staff
  • Oversight of successful implementation of all technical aspects of every production
  • Coordination of both incoming and outgoing rentals, creation and tracking of production budgets, on-site management in venues, and coordination with all other departments

This is a full-time, overtime exempt position requiring some evening and weekend work when the Company is performing.

Competitive salary includes healthcare benefits and paid vacation. Please email a resume to Thomas Fowlkes, general manager, at

Interviews are ongoing and position will start once filled.

Reports to Artistic Director (with dotted line to General Manager for financial and administrative operations)

Employment:  Full-time staff

The Production Manager shall oversee and manage the technical operations for the production department, including, but not limited to, the following:

Production Department Management:

Oversight of production activities –

  • Determine and manage all technical production needs for all professional and Centre for Dance Education (CDE) productions (including Atlanta Ballet 2)
  • Facilitate coordination and communication of artistic, production, and administrative departments
  • Manage collection and dispensation of all relevant production information and documentation to all concerned entities (i.e. production, artistic, venue, etc.)
  • Facilitate weekly production meetings for appropriate Atlanta Ballet staff, as well as nightly meetings during technical rehearsals
  • Oversee practical support of other department functions as required (Ballet Ball, publicity events, etc.)
  • Attend regular management team meeting and prepare reports for production
  • Establish a positive working relationship with all choreographers and designers and coordinate their efforts to satisfy the artistic and financial goals of the production
  • Manage all aspects of Atlanta Ballet asset rentals
  • Work with GM on creation of production calendars

Management of technical production staff members –

  • Manage through the use of relevant position descriptions on the job training, production department policies and protocols, and Atlanta Ballet policies and procedures
  • Responsible for direct reports’ annual reviews and the development of goals for professional growth in tandem with GM and the Artistic Director
  • Mentor, coach, and counsel staff to promote professional growth and ensure appropriate performance standards are met or exceeded
  • Maintain complete coaching and counseling documentation for inclusion in the organizational human resource files

Management of contracted and CBA labor –

  • Understand and comply with contracts when managing and directing individuals covered by said contracts
  • Communicate with the GM on any issues and concerns regarding working within the guidelines of labor contracts
  • Ensure Atlanta Ballet production staff understands and complies with contracts when managing and directing individuals covered by said contracts
  • Provide input to the GM to support union negotiations
  • Participate in the I.A.T.S.E Warehouse & CEPAC Labor Contract negotiations as necessary
  • Review and submit all IA payroll in a timely fashion

Technical budget development and management –

  • Collaborate with the GM on developing and implementing the technical portion of the annual production budget, individual project budgets, and touring budgets, when applicable
  • Responsible for cost analysis/projections for all technical components of proposed budgets

Ballet assets and rentals –

  • Enhance and expand the current rental program of production sets and other rental assets
  • Maintain accurate and current information on rental assets and inventories
  • Build program to promote rental opportunities
  • Oversee negotiation of rental contracts, manage rental calendar, and be point of contact for lessors
  • Execute logistics for asset rentals
  • Act as site technician when appropriate for Atlanta Ballet asset rentals

Technical Operations:

Oversight and/or management of all technical operations –

  • Oversee the technical and stage management aspects of all rehearsals and performances and manage all of Atlanta Ballet’s production personnel and materials
  • Create and/or review all scenic floor plans, rigging points, line schedules, etc.
  • Implement incoming rental logistical plans
  • Assist in research for production rentals and availability
  • Obtain bids to shops for necessary production work and supervise the execution of such work within budgetary guidelines
  • Attend all technical work calls and rehearsals in the theatre
  • Assist Stage Management in all sound and audio requirements for productions
  • Manage all Atlanta Ballet staff and crew in the theatre, as appropriate
  • Manage all production equipment logistics
  • Supervise the IA crew in all aspects of technical direction, including management of supplies, equipment purchases/rentals, asset maintenance and refurbishment (i.e. set and props), and required licenses (pyro, fire marshal, etc.)
  • Direct all contract labor and crew in the theatre, as appropriate
  • Direct and supervise the carpentry crew, fly men, riggers, and truck loaders in the theatre, paying strict attention to IATSE rules and practices
  • Produce and distribute all cue sheets for deck carpenters and fly men, in conjunction with Stage Manager
  • Manage all production equipment logistics
  • Manage local and long-haul trucking management and administration/documentation, shipping, and receiving
  • Create all appropriate technical paperwork for all Atlanta Ballet engagements:
    • Production schedule (in conjunction with Stage Manager)
    • Technical drawings (including CAD)
    • IA and non-IA labor calls
  • Additional Project Management:
    • Provide cost analysis for new scenic designs / projects
    • Bid projects beyond the scope of Atlanta Ballet’s shop to outside crafts people/artisans or shops
    • Manage and provide practical support to all contracted designers, engineers, and shops to realize design on schedule and within budget parameters
    • Coordinate all scenic and prop builds/rehabs
    • Coordinate communication between artist and production shops
    • Provide technical and engineering support
    • Maintain expenses within boundaries of project budgets

Warehouse/Shop Responsibilities:

  • Serve as shop foreman, overseeing the building, maintenance, and repair of all scenic assets and all logistical equipment (i.e. road boxes)
  • Oversee the building of outside projects in the shop, when time allows
  • Hire, direct, and supervise crew in the warehouse and shop in accordance with IATSE rules and practices
  • Manage all production equipment logistics, including necessary documentation

Facilities Maintenance Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with Director of Operations on all facilities related issues
  • Oversee all studio maintenance, including sound systems, floors, barres, pianos, etc.
  • Monitor building maintenance and repair needs for all Atlanta Ballet facilities
  • Assume responsibility for day-to-day building maintenance, including minor carpentry repair, plumbing, and electrical repair, such as changing lamps, etc.
  • Assist operations department with third party vendors needed for specialized work to maintain and repair the facilities and equipment, such as HVAC, roof, plumbing, electrical, parking lot, etc.

Fiscal Responsibilities:

  • Develop and manage the technical production budget for integration in the overall production budget, working with the GM
  • Develop and implement technical components of the annual production and individual project/program budgets, including touring
  • Interface with GM during the developmental phase of budgeting, in order to fully support the overarching organizational budget
  • Manage production accounts receivable, including invoicing for asset rentals, maintain communication with accounting on receivable invoicing and collections, or work directly with accounting to ensure that invoicing and collection of payments has been completed
  • Manage all aspects of work adhering to the guidelines established by the annual budget

Atlanta Ballet is an Equal Opportunity Employer.