Camino Real by the Numbers with Choreographer Helen Pickett

A Ballet Based on Camino Real
By Tennessee Williams

Choreography by Helen Pickett
Music + Sound Design by Peter Salem
Light Design by David Finn
Set Design by David Finn & Emma Kingsbury
Costume Design by Sandra Woodall

The Numbers:

5: Years preparation, research, reading, writing, character study

6 & 7: States and countries that my dog-eared, stained, dented, bent and scribbled on copy of the play has traveled as I researched. It is well loved.

203: Rehearsal hours that I have spent staging the ballet with Atlanta Ballet Company dancers.

25: Characters featured

10: Countries represented by artistic team and dancers

2: Miles of cord used to create the faux rebar for the skid row set

1500: Pounds of steel and aluminum used in David Finn and Emma Kingsbury’s set design

60: Costumes handsewn by Atlanta Ballet’s costume department from Sandra Woodall’s designs

79: Minutes of an original score created by Peter Salem

1: Ballet adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ play, Camino Real. (The first ballet adaptation, as a matter of fact.)

4: Chances to see this world premiere, March 20-22, 2015, at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

Besides these numbers, I was reminded of something I read about Tennessee. He said that his plays were a photo of his own heart. I feel like our rendition is a photo of our devotional hearts. We have given this play our all.

- Helen

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Photos by Kim Kenney. Featured dancers: Jacob Bush, Peng-Yu Chen, Jonah Hooper, Benjamin Stone, and Rachel Van Buskirk.