Meet Camino Real’s Marguerite and Casanova

Marguerite and Jacques Casanova

Marguerite thinks her once famous courtesan’s charms are fading. Casanova’s love is not enough. She cannot accept her aching decline. Like a caged bird, she yearns to once again fly free.

Casanova, the elegant, perpetual charmer, is Marguerite’s enduring lover, but he has become lost and apathetic as a kept man. He fears Marguerite will do anything to escape the cage of Camino Real. The appearance of Kilroy renews his zest for life.

Atlanta Ballet presents this world premiere at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, March 20 - 22, 2015!

Choreography by Helen Pickett
Sound and Music Design by Peter Salem
Costume Design by Sandra Woodall
Scenic Design by David Finn and Emma Kingsbury
Lighting Design by David Finn

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Header: Tara Lee and Heath Gill. Photo by Charlie McCullers.
Body: Nadia Mara and Christian Clark. Photo by Charlie McCullers.
"Camino Real: Meet Marguerite;" video by Brian Wallenberg.
"Camino Real: Meet Jacques Cassanova;" video by Brian Wallenberg.